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7 Open world survival games to play in 2021!


Hey Guys, how are you doing today? I hope your good but anyway your here for a reason. Today I want to cover some awesome open-world survival games to enjoy during 2021 or to look forward to.

Let’s just hop straight into this.

7. Valheim

valheim small outpost

Valheim was just recently released on steam on February 2nd. The game Already has 4000 overwhelmingly positive reviews on steam and they continue to climb. Valheim is an open-world survival game that is all procedurally generated.

The game has many incredible features, such as the base building, where you can build anything from a mead hall to a settlement outpost or a full-scale castle. The game really entices you to explore the large world using ships to sail the seas or go exploring through the eerie forests. Ships vary in all sizes, from a small fishing boat to a legendary warship. You will want to focus on upgrading your base as monsters can start attacking your settlement in an almost wave-like manner. The game has 2-10 player co-op which they recommended to play with 3-5 friends for a great experience. If you really want to know exactly what this game is about check out this beginners guide!

I highly recommended you check this game out on the steam store!

6. Space Engineers

space engineers vehicles driving and crashed space ship

Space engineers are quite an expansive game as you build everything from bases on planets to the vehicles you drive to space stations to the space ships you explore with. This game is quite an endeavor to embark on. Space engineers really focus on the sandbox and creative element along with exploration. The planets can be generated to be 1,000,000,000km in diameter. That’s nearly infinite! As I said previously, you build vehicles and bases with nearly infinite possibilities and collect resources to expand your fleet. This game is really complex, and you should really check out a beginner guide if you are interested in this game! This is available on steam!

5. Dying light

dying light zombies in a train yard zombie survival game

Some of you may be wondering why Dying light would be on this list since it came out in 2015. Right?

Well, I figured with dying light 2 releasing at some point this year, Dying Light deserved mention as the first dying light is so much fun. As well as having tons of replayability just slaying zombies with your weapon of choice. Also, they still release updates for dying light on top of that. Anyway, if some of you haven’t heard of dying light, I will tell you a little bit about the game. Dying light is a zombie survival game based in the fictional city of Haran, where they have contained the outbreak. You are sent in to investigate the incident and what caused the outbreak and to solve the problem. You use your parkour and fight abilities to fight off hordes of zombies and survive in the zombie-infested city. Oh, and Be VERY careful at night.

4. Medieval Dynasty

medieval dynasty village

Medieval Dynasty is a base-building town management game set in medieval times. Where you hunt, farm, and build a village to survive the harsh environments. The game features a full 4 season cycle where you have to plan for what’s to come. There are 18 different buildings with various levels to each of them and 60 different pieces of equipment. Medieval Dynasty also has quests, trade, and economy. Another feature the game has is an in-depth character development. You should check out this game on steam it has an interesting premise.

3. Volcanoids

volcanoids survival game lava harvester

Volcanoids take place on a volcanic island taken over, but these machines are known as the mechanical menace. The machines are harvesting the lava for energy to run their operations. As a result causing massive eruptions to happen, very often, destroying everything on the island’s surface.

In Volcanoids, there’s a unique base building element where your base is a mobile mining drill unit. You use the drill unit to hide underground from the volcanic eruptions, harvest resources, and explore caves that lie beneath the surface. As you advance through the game, you can upgrade your drillship with new techs allowing you to go deeper and make new awesome weapons.

You have to be cautious in volcanoids as the mechanical beings have the full capabilities to attack your drillship and destroy it. For instance, it would be best if you built turrets to defend your base from these attacks.

Volcanoids is Available on steam. It’s take to take back your homeland from these mechanical monsters!

2. The Infected

vambies from the infected survival game

The infected is an open-world survival game developed by a small indie studio working to create a game that people will love. The game’s premise is that you and a group of friends venture off deep into a forest where you encounter Vambies (a hybrid of zombie vampires).

Your goal in the game is to survive and build a base while managing your resources, food, water, and the weather. Many key features include hunting, crafting items, base-building, farming, killing vambies, mining, and tons more!

However, if you decide to pick up this product, just an important disclaimer is a small dev team and they are constantly trying to update the game and work hard. If you decide to pick this game up and support them, know that the game isn’t fully polished, but this game is available for Steam!

1. No Man’s sky!

No man’s sky is an older game, but it does deserve a shoutout on this list as it has made quite a redemption for itself. No man’s sky was originally released in 2015, and the game was a disaster. They made tons of false promises for the game at launch. However, they’ve updated the game consistently since then, adding tons of new content!

The new content ranges from bigger and better base building, Multiplayer, and awesome new worlds and creatures to find. They have really made the game what it was truly meant to be. A game about exploring the universe and all it holds while actually having content to play and not the same old stuff on every planet. No mans sky is a game worth playing in 2021!

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