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New World MMO – Closed Beta release


Hey guys how are you doing today?? Today we’re gonna be talking about New World a new MMO game fully releasing on august 31st. New World is a game being developed by amazon games so this will be their second game title to be released. The first game amazon games developed was Crucible which was a failure, to say the least. Crucible was released in May of 2020. The game was then pulled from the steam in July and the servers shut down in November.

New World is an MMORPG(massively-multiplayer online role-playing game). Your playscape is based on The Mystical Island Of Aeternum Calls in which magic flows through the landscape bringing everything to life. New World is bringing a lot to the table. Such as an in-depth crafting system to the player-driven economy and player-owned settlements. New World Is also going to have massive PVP battles with different game modes. There’s a lot to cover and look forward to here so let’s get into some more of the details.

Aeternum a truly magical landscape

Aeternum is a magical island that has been hidden from view for thousands of years and was the source of fantastical legends. You awake on this strange magical island, shipwrecked, alone with no supplies. This island is full of strange flora with magical properties and creatures of immense destruction, such as the once-human creatures. The Corrupted, The ancient, and The Lost.

You will grow from a lone lost man in a strange new world into a powerful hero with untold power, that will choose his own destiny! You will have to craft, kill, gather, to build up your skills.

New World – Large Scale PVP

New world plans on having large-scale PvPvE combat systems where you will fight other factions of players to capture your own settlements. This PVP system is going to include 3 different types of group combat. I should mention that there are 3 separate factions in New world where they each have a different ideology. Whichever faction you choose to pick will affect who you fight against in the large-scale PVP battles. Choose wisely lol.

The first is Outpost rush, a max-level pvpve game mode where two teams of 20 from warring factions. Compete for control of fortifications and resources. Each outpost you hold and every enemy player you kill will generate points for your team. To fully gain control of the outpost you must track down as many resources as you can muster up.

The Second is Invasions, This game mode seems to be a purely PvE game mode where periodically large forces of the twisted armies will attack a player-owned territory. However, this will require 50 players to come together to defend the territory from waves upon waves of the twisted army forces.

The Third is War, This is the pinnacle of PvP in the New World. This is the 50 vs 50 player PVP on a massive tactical scale where the two factions fight for control of the territory and its settlements. Whoever wins this war gains the massive benefits of owning the settlement.

Honestly, this reminds me a lot of Elder scroll’s online PvP system. Which was fantastic and one of my favorite things to do in ESO.

New World – Closed Beta

New world Is going to be entering into closed beta on July 20th at 9:30 am PT and will continue through August 2nd at 11:59 PM. Which you can gain access to the closed beta through either pre-ordering the game through steam or on their website at.

In conclusion, I can say I’m super excited for this game to be released on August 31st, and I really hope to see this game succeed as I’m a huge fan of MMOs. I’m most excited about the PVP and player-driven economy. I hope to see you guys in the closed beta coming up here. Feel free to leave any comment below.

Have a great day guys and feel free to check out July 2021 Indie Survival roundup or more articles on thegamersmind.

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