New World Resource Guide


New World Resource Gathering Guide

Hey guys! Today we’re talking about gathering resources in New World. As you probably know, New World is a new MMORPG from Amazon Games that’s in beta right now. In this game, you find yourself on the island of Aeturnum, where you’ll fight for survival, complete quests, and make friends (and enemies) along the way. 

Like in a lot of MMOs, one of the big mechanics of New World is resource gathering. You can use the resources you find in the world to make weapons, armor, potions, and more. But what are the resources in this game, and how do you get them? Let’s take a look.

What are the resources in New World? 

There are 5 different kinds of resources in New World. These are split up based on which of the 5 gathering skills they use. The gathering skills are:

  • Logging (for gathering wood from trees)
  • Mining (for gathering stone, ore, gemstones, and more)
  • Fishing (for catching fish)
  • Harvesting (for gathering plants)
  • Tracking + Skinning (for hunting animals and taking their skins)

As you level up these gathering skills, you’ll gain a gathering speed bonus, and unlock higher tiers of resources that you can gather. Also, you can track certain resources when you get the associated gathering skill to a high enough level.

In order to actually gather these resources, however, you’ll usually need a particular tool. So what are these tools, how do you get them, and how do you use them?

Tools and Gathering

Each of your gathering skills has a specific tool associated with it. They are:

  • The logging ax for logging
  • The pickaxe for mining
  • The fishing pole for fishing
  • The sickle for harvesting
  • The skinning knife for skinning animals

You can craft these tools, or you can buy them at trading stations in towns. As with other gear in the game, there are 5 tiers of gathering tools in New World, based on the material that they’re made of. These are, from worst to best:

  • Flint
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Starmetal
  • Orichalcum

Better tools mean faster resource gathering, as well as allowing you to gather higher-level resources. Whatever tool you have, you’ll need to equip it in order to use it. Your character has one equipment slot for each kind of tool, and once you’ve equipped a tool, you’ll use it automatically when you gather a particular resource. 

Resources can be found spread around the world. Whenever you chance upon a resource you want to collect, simply go up to it and interact with it. As long as you have the right tool equipped, you’ll gather the resource. 

Remember that gathering resources levels up that gathering skill, so you should be gathering often. This is extra true for resources like wood that are very common and easy to collect. 

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a closer look at each of the gathering skills and the resources you can collect with them. 


New world Logging skill

Logging is the skill you use to chop down trees and gather wood from them. You’ll need a logging ax equipped to be able to gather wood. There are four kinds of trees you can find and harvest on Aeturnum: young trees, mature trees, Wyrdwood trees, and Ironwood trees. 

You can gather young trees from logging level 0, but you’ll have to level your logging skill up to gather the other kinds. Mature trees require level 50, Wyrdwood can be gathered at level 100, and you have to have logging level 175 to be able to chop down Ironwood.

Each kind of tree gives a different kind of wood. You get green wood from young trees, aged wood from mature trees, and Wyrdwood and Ironwood from their namesake trees. These different kinds of wood can be used to craft many different items, such as weapons, tools, and furniture. 


New world Mining skill

You use your mining skill to mine various materials from the earth. There are 9 different kinds of resources you can gather as your mining skill increases:

  • Iron, gatherable at level 0
  • Silver, gatherable at level 10
  • Oil, gatherable at level 20
  • Gold, gatherable at level 45
  • Alchemy Stones, gatherable at level 50
  • Starmetal, gatherable at level 100
  • Lodestone, gatherable at level 105
  • Platinum, gatherable at level 110
  • Orichalcum, gatherable at level 175

The ore you gather from mining can be used to create weapons, armor, and tools, plus a few other things. Also, you have a chance to gather gemstones while mining. These gemstones can be processed and slotted into weapons and armor for special bonuses. 

Like I mentioned, there are a few other resources you can mine. Stone and lodestone can be used for settlement upgrades and a few crafting recipes. Oil can be used to make various recipes such as coatings for weapons, as well as a few furniture-related recipes. 


New world Fishing skill

Fishing is of course the skill used to catch fish. It’s a little different from the other gathering skills in a few ways. First of all, when you increase your fishing skill, you don’t unlock new types of resources. Instead, with every few levels in your fishing skill, you unlock “hotspots.” These hotspots are special areas where the frequency and rarity of fish are higher. 

Another unique thing with fishing is how gathering works. With the other resources, you simply interact with the resource, and you gather it. But fishing isn’t so simple. Instead, when you fish, you play a little minigame. If you played fishing minigames in other games before, it’ll probably look pretty familiar to you. There are a few steps to this minigame:

  1. Cast your line. You can press F3 to pull out your rod near any body of water to fish. Then, you click to cast, and you’ll see a little power meter appear. The higher up the icon is, the farther you’ll cast your line. 
  1. Wait for a bite. You’ll see your bobber in the water, as well as a little icon above it that also resembles a bobber, and shows you the depth of your cast. You’ll know you got a bite because your bobber will move, and the icon will say “get ready!”
  1. Hook the fish. When you get a bite, the icon will change to look like a fish and a hook, and you’ll see a green meter tick down. Click before the green meter runs out to hook the fish.
  1. Reel it in. Once your fish is hooked, you can hold down left click to reel it in. You’ll notice the icon changes once you hook the fish. The icon will stretch and turn red while you’re reeling the fish in. This indicates the tension on your fishing line.
    If the icon turns red and stays red for too long, your fishing line will snap and you’ll lose the fish. So, make sure you ease off reeling in the line occasionally; whenever you stop reeling in, the tension will go back down and turn green again.

Once the fish makes it all the way to your character without the line breaking, you’ll catch your fish. The game will display the size and weight of your catch for you, and any fish you catch can be processed into food. In classic video game fashion, you might also catch an inanimate object, such as an anchor or an oar. These can be salvaged for materials, such as iron or wood. 


New world Harvesting skill

Your harvesting skill is used for harvesting various plants, fungi, and in some cases creatures, you find around Aeternum, and requires the use of a sickle. There are 7 categories of harvestable resources, 4 of which you can gather at harvesting level 0.

  • Farm plants, gatherable at level 0
  • Hemp, gatherable at level 0
  • Fungi, gatherable at level 0
  • Magical creatures, gatherable at level 0
  • Magical plants, gatherable at level 30
  • Silkweed, gatherable at level 100
  • Wirefiber, gatherable at level 175

There are a lot of different resources you can get from these, which have a bunch of different purposes. Plants can give you ingredients for crafting and for cooking. Fungi can give you dyes, and magical plants and creatures can be used for things like potions. Whenever you see something you want to harvest, just go up to it and press E to gather it.

Tracking & Skinning

New world skinning skill

Your tracking & skinning skill relates to hunting animals and skinning them for their hides, meat, and other resources. As you level this skill up, you will be able to skin higher and higher-level animals. You’ll also gain the ability to track different kinds of animals on your compass, as follows:

  • Track small prey (like turkey and rabbits) at level 25
  • Track medium prey (like boars) at level 50
  • Track large prey (like bison and deer) at level 75
  • Track small predators (like wolves) at level 125
  • Track large predators (like bears) at level 175

In order to gather resources from an animal, you’ll first have to kill it. Like any other creature in New World, wild animals have a level. Pay attention and make sure you’re not trying to fight anything that’s way stronger than you! 

Once you’ve killed the animal, interact with it to skin it. You’ll need to have your skinning knife equipped in order to be able to do this. Then, you’ll receive various resources, most commonly meat and rawhide. Meat can be cooked, while rawhide can be processed for crafting. You can also get other resources from animals, such as feathers. 

How do I find resources?

New world Resource map

So, now you know all the different kinds of resources in New World and the skills you’ll need to gather them. But how do you actually find them? Unfortunately, New World doesn’t tell you where specific resources are when you open the map. But, if you open your map and then click the resource locations tab, the game will give you some hints. 

When you open this tab, you’ll see a key that shows how different colors and textures on your map indicate different biomes. The game also tells you what types of resources are found in this biome. For example, the forest biome appears on your map as a dark-green area with a tree pattern on it. There, you can find trees, hemp, and herbs. 

So, you’ll need to find the right biome for the type of resource you want. Then, you’ll have to hunt it down the old-fashioned way in that area. Thankfully, most resources are plentiful in Aeternum. Plus, once you hit higher gathering levels, your compass at the top of your screen will indicate when you’re close to rare resources. An awesome detailed map of all resources.

What do I do with my resources?

New world Trade skills

The crafting system in New World is very deep, with a bunch of different skills you’ll need in order to craft. In addition to the 5 gathering skills, there are 5 “refining” skills. These are used to refine raw resources so you can use them for crafting. The refining skills are:

  • Smelting (for refining ore into ingots)
  • Woodworking (for refining wood into things like planks and lumber)
  • Leatherworking (for refining rawhide into leather)
  • Weaving (for refining fibers into cloth)
  • Stonecutting (for processing stones into blocks and raw gemstones into cut gems)

Each of these skills requires a specific type of crafting location. For example, smelting requires a smelter, and stonecutting requires a stonecutting table. These can be found inside settlements. As you develop your refining skills, you can refine new types of resources.

In order to actually use your resources for crafting, you’ll use crafting skills. There are 7 of these, each of which is used to create something different. The crafting skills are:

  • Weaponsmithing (for making weapons)
  • Armoring (for making armor)
  • Engineering (for making various tools and weapons, such as gathering tools, bows, and muskets)
  • Jewelcrafting (for crafting various adornments such as amulets and rings)
  • Arcana (for creating potions and staves)
  • Cooking (for, you guessed it, cooking food)
  • Furnishing (for making furniture)

Each crafting skill also has its own specific workshop, which can again be found in towns and settlements. As you grow your crafting skills, you’ll unlock new crafting recipes.  

Time to get gathering!

So, now you know everything you need to know to get started gathering resources in the amazing world of Aeternum. Have you found any amazing gathering spots? Want to share some tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments! And if you have any friends who want to get into New World, be sure to send them this guide so they have the full scoop on resource collection. 

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