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New world is a PVP-oriented MMO with all the hype in this past week with the closed beta. New world is an MMO being developed by amazon games. As many of you already know Amazon hasn’t launched a successful title since the game studio started. Amazon games have started production on quite a few different titles but shortly after projects would be canceled.

Amazon has only had one full release of a game called Crucible, a third-person shooter team-based game like overwatch or tf2. Crucible lasted a little over 6 months before they shut down the servers to focus on new games such as New World.

I’ve personally put a lot of hours into the closed beta and got a good grasp on what the game can really offer for an individual. But things I will be covering in this New world review are gameplay, questing, crafting system, and the bugs.

New world Review – Gameplay

In new world, the game starts you off by just throwing you into the world of Aeternum. It is a magical island filled with danger and dark magic that can corrupt the very souls of some who wield it. You arrive at the island by shipwreck as many others before you did as well. You shortly after stumble upon a small camp where your story begins and you get your first few quests just as in any other MMO. Check out this character progression guide.

New world Questing

Talking about questing in new world. Questing is something they did right as it has its purpose in the game this is their way of teaching you how to craft and gather resources.

You have various quests to do that range from side quests, town hall quests, faction quests, and main story quests. Each of these quests plays a different role in the game.

  • Side Quests are cool little quests that usually will have an interaction between 2 npcs in the world.
  • Town Hall Quests are quests for maintaining and improving towns owned by player companies/factions.
  • Faction quests are quests that are pvp based to gain influenece over other factions.
  • Main story quests are the main story and lore based quests.

I really enjoy the questing system and I believe they did a great job as you can easily complete multiple quests as you wander the world and it encourages you to explore for new resources. Many of the side quests and town quests require you to craft certain items or collect resources that may only be available in some areas of the world. This teaches you where you can find resources and what resources can be used for.

New world Review Trade skills

Like any other MMO, there are farming skills that can range between levels 1-200. In this game, there are requirements to collect certain materials or create certain higher-tiered items. One of the things I really like about the farming skills in New world is that every resource you gather is needed and never truly becomes obsolete.

They do this by creating a tiered system where you use lower-level resources to create higher-tiered resources. For example, Iron ore is one of the first resources you can collect, but when you unlock steel, iron ore is still needed to craft steel and then steel is needed to craft the next resource. This really makes the game feel rewarding even when you’re just trying to level your farming skills.

Also to go along with the trade skills the economy in New world is 100% player-driven. In theory, you could be a traveling merchant because each city has its own trading post owned by a company and you can only access what the city is selling when you are there. If you notice a resource is in a low stockpile in the city you could sell your items on the market for an increased price.

They also made the game’s leveling process feel very smooth and it definitely is more of a casual player MMO and not super focused on the hard grind of most MMO’s, of course, there still is a grind to be done.

I do really enjoy the way their crafting system works and the resource collection. It is done really well in my opinion.

New World Review of Factions and pvp

New world is a PvP oriented MMO so hopefully, they’ve done the PVP correctly. Well, to say the least, they did it amazingly. They’ve created a faction system and there are 3 different factions that all fight for control of each territory on the map.

The three factions in New World are The Covenant, The Syndicate, and The Marauders. Each faction has there own beliefs on how to govern the island this is just for lore purposes and doesn’t affect gameplay. The way the warring between factions works is that you need to gain influence in a city by doing faction bounties. These are PVP bounties and can only be completed while in PvP mode. These bounties can range between multiple different objectives. However, you have to be very careful doing these bounties since the opposing faction will be on the hunt to put a stop to your questing in their territory.

Once you gain 100% influence over the territory you can declare war which will start at a specific time and last a half hour and this will decide who maintains control.

I really think they did a great job on the PVP system in New world. However, some of the PVP can be a bit clunky from time to time. Here’s shrouds review of the PVP combat.

New world Bugs

In new world, I personally didn’t come across many bugs or performance issues. I didn’t have any crashes reported while I was playing the game. However other people were having a lot of crashing issues whether that just being there system didn’t meet requirements or I’m a lucky one. There were some reported graphical bugs during the closed beta such as invisible dead trees which would block running. Also a strange paused running animation that would happen in populated areas.

It’s great to say there weren’t any big game-breaking bugs.

New world review Conclusion

New world is likely going to be a new popular MMO coming onto the scene that may even take players from MMO’s such as elder scrolls online and Wow. New World has a new player feel and a big PVP orientation. The gameplay was smooth and enjoyable and it wasn’t very buggy in closed beta. Some things could have been done a little bit better in the questing department and world, such as more lore-based side quests and larger structures to explore. The new world will be amazon games’ first successful hit by its looks as long as they have a good launch. New world is expected to be released on September 28th.

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