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Hey guys! 7 Days to Die is a unique zombie survival FPS by developers The Fun Pimps, which was released in alpha all the way back in late 2013. The game features a unique mixture of gameplay elements, and the developers describe it as a combination of “first-person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games.” In this game you spend the day gathering materials, crafting tools, and building up your base and its defenses. Then, at night you must defend your base from hordes of hungry zombies. 


The game remains in an alpha state and is available on Steam in early access. Despite being in alpha, however, the game has remained popular, and the devs have constantly been adding new features and updates. 7 Days to Die is currently in version Alpha 19, and the next version will be Alpha 20. 


But what do we know about 7 Days to Die Alpha 20? What features will it have, and do we know when it will release? Let’s take a look.


What can we expect in 7 Days to Die Alpha 20?

A dev diary released late last year lays out the features that the devs will be adding in 7 Days to Die Alpha 20. There’s a large number of features planned for the update. Some of the most exciting are new weapons and enemy types, plus plenty more. You can also expect bigger and better mods from the large community of mod creators.


New weapons


7 Days to Die Alpha 20 will feature 5 new weapons being added to the game’s lowest tier of weapons, the primitive tier. These weapons are all based on a metal pipe. They are:


  • Pipe Rifle
  • Pipe Pistol
  • Pipe Baton
  • Pipe Shotgun
  • Pipe Machine Gun


These new weapons will help diversify the weapons available in the early game. 


New enemies


7 Days to Die Alpha 20 will add 9 new NPC and enemy types to the game, mostly new zombies. They are:


  • Trader Hugh
  • Nurse
  • Drone
  • Screamer
  • Fat Cop
  • Burnt Zombie
  • Hoodie Dude
  • Lumberjack
  • Radiated Zombie


The devs have shown off several of these new zombies on their Twitter. For example, the screamer features a huge mouth full of sharp teeth, and is described as “screaming, clawing, and biting heads off.” The radiation zombie, meanwhile, is a bubbling mass of glowing green pustules that look ready to burst.


What else is new?


Besides the enemies and weapons, there’s a number of other things to be excited about for 7 Days to Die Alpha 20. One of the biggest updates is the addition of Twitch integration, which will allow streamers and audiences to interact with each other in the game. It will also add chat commands that can affect the game, helping or harmer the streamer. 


Another major update will be new vehicle modding options. First of all, you’ll now be able to add color details to your vehicle. This will help you better know which vehicle belongs to who. There will also be several other modification options, including:


  • Fuel-Saver
  • Off-Road Headlights
  • Super Charger
  • Expanded Seat
  • Reserve Fuel Tank


 These options will add some more depth to the vehicles in 7 Days to Die Alpha 20 


7 Days to Die Alpha 20 will also feature new POIs and environment art. There will be a new gas station related to the game’s restore power quest, as well as over 100 other new points of interest, props, and environmental decorations. There will also be improvements to the animations of leaves and plants moving in the wind. 


There will also be improvements to the randomly generated environments, the building menus, and the difficulty of biomes, plus more. Many improvements don’t yet have any details; for example, there are music and audio improvements planned, as well as changes to progression and loot. However, we still don’t know exactly how those changes will work. 


When will 7 Days to Die Alpha 20 release?


You may be wondering just when 7 Days to Die Alpha 20 will release. Unfortunately, there’s still no set date for the release. However, we can make some educated guesses based on patterns. 


The devs have released a new full alpha version approximately once per year. Looking back, we can see that alpha 19 released in 2020, alpha 18 released in 2019, and alpha 17 released in 2018. These versions usually get 4 or 5 further iterations (e.g., alpha 19.1, alpha 19.2, etc.) before the next full version is released.


The current version of the game is alpha 19.5, which was released back in May. Additionally, the game’s official Twitter account has been very active in talking about the features of alpha 20. Given these facts, I predict that we’ll likely see alpha 20 released later this year, or perhaps early next year at the latest. However, this is all speculation until we hear more from the devs. If you are interested in other games like this check out our survival game roundup.


Are you looking forward to 7 Days to Die Alpha 20?


So, that’s all we know so far about Alpha 20. With new enemies, weapons, and more, this update will breathe fresh life into this game. I’m super excited for when it launches, hopefully later this year. Do you have any predictions or insider info about 7 Days to Die Alpha 20? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to keep an eye on The Gamer’s Mind for all the latest and greatest in gaming. 


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