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Hey guys! Blood of Heroes is an upcoming game from Vizor Games which was announced earlier this year. The game will feature brutal PvP combat across multiple game modes in a medieval Nordic-inspired world. Even better, it will be free-to-play!

The game was announced along with a closed beta back in May. The trailer shows off the gameplay, where imposing armored warriors fight using weapons like swords and spears while deftly dodging and blocking to get the upper hand. There’s magic too, with one warrior turning his body into stone, likely to gain some kind of defense bonus. 

The trailer gives strong impressions of games like Dark Souls and For Honor due to its dark fantasy setting and medieval melee combat. There’s also a move where a character throws their blue-glowing axe at an enemy, which reminded me more than a little bit of God of War. 

But what else is there to know about the game? Let’s take a look.

What Will Blood Of Heroes Be LIke?

A press release from Vizor Games released August 12th gives us some more information about the fine details of Blood of Heroes. The game will feature an array of unique warriors from “an unforgiving borderline world” which will all have their own distinct weapons and abilities. According to Vizor Games, “every player will find the right hero who suits their playstyle,” whether you want to be a full-on melee berserker or take a more cunning approach with magic and tactics. 

Vizor Games states that the game will feature both duel and team game modes, which will offer unique gameplay experiences. Duels are, like you can probably guess, one-on-one battles that take place in players’ own personal arenas. These arenas will be unique to you and you will have the ability to customize them. According to Vizor Games, you’ll be able to change the weather, decorate with the heads of slain giant monsters, or even shift the landscape of the arena. 

Team modes will take on two different flavors: Brawl and Domination. The Brawl mode is a 3×3 team deathmatch that will require teamwork between your squad to emerge victorious. Domination, meanwhile, is described as “an epic tug-of-war conflict between two teams of 5 players each.” They don’t give more specific details about this game mode, but based on that description it sounds like Domination will be some kind of king-of-the-hill style game mode, perhaps similar to the game mode of the same name in the Call of Duty series.

Want to get in on the action? Good news: Blood of Heroes is starting its open beta this month!

Blood of Heroes Starts Its Open Beta August 26th

Vizor Games has announced that they’ll be opening the open beta for their game on August 26th. They’ve also released a second awesome video showing off the gameplay and graphics of Blood of Heroes and give us a closer look at some of the game modes. 

First off we can see some footage of the duels and the player arena, where two warriors fight one-on-one in a small stone arena lit with moody torchlight. Next up is some footage of what appears to be the Brawl game mode, where the two teams of three are clustered together in another small arena fighting for supremacy. Although this battle happens in a small area, it’s worth noting that the arena does appear to extend beyond what is shown in the trailer. 

Finally, we get a peek at the Dominion game mode, where large teams fight for dominance of multiple large circles spread across the map. These circles glow either red and blue and feature runes carved in the ground inside of them. These colored circles give more weight to the theory that the Dominion mode will be some kind of king-of-the-hill game mode. 
If you want to see all of Blood of Heroes’ game modes up close and personal, make sure you sign up for the open beta before August 24th. Sign-ups are open now on their website. Let us know how you like the beta in the comments! And keep your eyes on The Gamer’s Mind, because we’ll be bringing you all the latest on Blood of Heroes and all your favorite games.

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