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 Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Destiny 2 has recently released the trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light. This DLC is set to drop on the 22nd of September.

In this article I wanna break down what we saw in the trailer for Beyond Light! If you would like to watch the trailer as we analyze it here’s the link to the video.

Where is it taking place?

In Destiny 2: Beyond Light you will be playing in on an all new moon that we haven’t visted before in the destiny universe. We will be playing on the Jupiters frozen moon, Europa.

The primary foe we will be facing on Europa is the Fallen and they have created a new powerful empire in this frozen wasteland of Europa. We will need to infiltrate a golden age Braytech facility and discover the dark secrets that await us under the ice of Europa!

Exo Stranger returns??

Picture of the Exo Stranger

In the trailer they show us some of the characters we can expect to see on Europa such as The Drifter (The gambit guy as I call him), Eris morn, and now the Exo Stranger returns once again. We’ve only actually seen the Exo Stranger a handful of times before in the first Destiny.

The Exo Stranger has only been shown a handful of times in the missions such as

We believe that the Mysterious Exo will open up more insight into what the darkness or the pyramids truly are and what there purpose is. Talking about that let’s move into the topic of the darkness/pyramids.

What are the pyramid ships?

Picture of the pyramid ship on Europa

With the last DLC in Destiny 2, Shadow keep. We had a closer look at the pyramid ships purpose as we saw one buried deep in the moons crust.

Spoiler Alert Below this point

Spoiler Alert if you haven’t played the Shadow-keep DLC yet, I would highly recommend playing this DLC before Beyond Light releases.

Alright so in the Shadowkeep DLC we encountered a massive hive fortress that was being built on the moon for who knows how many years. We also encountered one of the pyramid ships buried in the moons crust as well and it essentially created your nightmares to haunt you. The pyramids are the darkness as people refer to it throughout the games.

Towards the end of the Shadow keep campaign you find a way inside the pyramid where you uncover what it hold and its your nightmares and you redefeat ghaul, and a couple other bosses from your previous endeavors.

After you defeat the final boss you end up finding an orb and when you touch the orb it brings you to a cutscene showing a strange place with the pyramid ships all around you. There’s a single man and you discover that man to be you. If you want to view this cutscene heres a link for a video below:

The pyramids are the darkness itself its something that exists only to drown out the light and there is yet another pyramid on the frozen wasteland of europa and I wonder what mystery will present itself this time.


In conclusion Destiny 2 beyond light will be coming out on september 22nd, 2020.

There will be the Exo Strange, Eris Morn, and the Drifter as the main characters based on Europa.

We will be exploring a large golden age braytech facility and the caverns that expand across Europa along with finding out what the pyramids true motive are.

Alright thanks for reading the blog post have a great day.

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