Hollow Knight Review: Should you add it to the collection?


Hollow Knight, too many, may seem like just another standalone 2d adventure, created only for a few hours of idle entertainment. As you begin to play the game, however, you quickly realize that it is so much more. It is a title created with thought and care and delivers a surprisingly thorough experience that avoids repetition. Hallownest is a shockingly large and well-defined place, and as such, contains many interesting gameplay elements. So, what does Hollow Knight succeed at, and what are its pitfalls? Most importantly, who is it for? The answers are oddly crowd-pleasing.

Environment of HollowKnight

            Hollow Knight throws players into the depths of Hallownest, where you work to find answers and search for the path through, all while fighting a large assortment of monsters and bosses who roam the darkness. Armed with a needle, you must survive the terror of Hallownest. As you progress through the game, you earn other abilities, which can help you get to new areas and discover new secrets. First, let’s talk about the things that Hollow Knight doesn’t do well, a relatively shortlist before we examine all of the good things.

Gaining Riches

            First of all, it isn’t easy to get money in Hollow Knight. Well, not ‘difficult’ as much as ‘tedious.’ Heres an awesome guide for farming money. Click Here. You can find breakable rocks scattered around the map, which will give you some coins, and you can get them from killing monsters as well, but most of the items you can purchase from Dirtmouth, the starting city, are overpriced and can take a long time to buy. It can also be a frustrating game at times, especially for new players who are still figuring out how to navigate the caves that make up the kingdom of Hallownest. All enemies do the same damage at every hit, and it only takes five attacks to be killed. This means that combat also has to be about patience and strategy. Wanna know how to survive Hollownest? Check out this guide.

            But there are so many other things that Hollow Knight does right. The enemies, for example, are varied and interesting and deploy a wide variety of combat techniques. In each zone, there are new combatants to learn about and conquer. The artwork is also amazing, and each zone is unique while still maintaining continuity. And the music, too, is fantastic; I am often overlooked part of gaming. It changes with each zone and makes the game seem much more dynamic. That, coupled with special landmarks that reveal more and more about the world of Hallownest, make players hungry to continue fighting through the caves.

            All things considered, Hollow Knight is a game for people who love to play games. It doesn’t boast an over-the-top open-world or advanced character customization. Instead, it returns to gaming roots and delivers a unique product that encourages players to explore. Because the story is simple and interesting, it is easy to get invested. In the end, Hollow Knight is a fantastic game with lots of content that more people should take advantage of.

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