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Hey guys! In Amazon Games’ New World, one of the most essential things to learn is the crafting system. This game has rich and intricate crafting, and mastering it is essential to making your character as powerful as possible. 

But how does crafting work in New World? Let’s take a look.

How does crafting work in New World?

Crafting in New World is split into 7 different crafting skills. Each of these skills is used to create different types of items, such as weapons or potions. The crafting skills in New World are:

  • Armoring (for making armor)
  • Weaponsmithing (for making weapons)
  • Engineering (for making tools, weapons, and ammo)
  • Jewelcrafting (for making trinkets, such as rings and amulets)
  • Arcana (for creating potions and staves)
  • Cooking (for creating meals from raw ingredients)
  • Furnishing (for crafting furniture)

As you use these skills to craft things, the skills will go up. This will unlock the ability to craft new and better items, as well as other various perks. 

There are a variety of different crafting stations which you’ll use to craft items as well. For example, weapons are made at forges, while food is made in a kitchen. These crafting stations have tiers, which increase as a part of settlement development in the game. Higher tier crafting stations are required to make certain items. 

The items you can craft can be broadly split into three categories: consumables, gear, and furniture. Consumables are things like food and potions which you use once to get some effect, such as healing or a temporary buff. Gear includes things like weapons and armor which you equip onto your character. And furniture is, well, furniture!

Let’s take a closer look at the different categories of items in New World.


When you level up crafting skills that make consumables, you’ll be able to craft them more efficiently. So, you’ll gain a higher and higher chance to gain extra of that item. For example, maybe you crafted 5 healing potions, and you got an extra 6th potion without using any materials. 

Food gives slow health regeneration over a period of time and extra constitution. They can also give extra buffs such as raising resistances or stamina regen. Potions take effect instantly and last for a period of time, providing things like increase carry weight or elemental defense. Tinctures work instantly and do not last, doing things like healing your health or restoring status effects. There are also weapon coatings, which are used to give buffs to your weapons. 


Gear, meanwhile, works a bit differently. As your level grows, you become able to make gear with higher and higher “gear scores.” At lower levels, you’ll have a low, narrow range of possible scores, like 200-250. As your skill grows, that range will get larger, and the highest possible gear score will go up. 

Gear with a higher gear score has better stats as well as a higher chance for various bonuses. The first kind of bonus is perks. A perk on a piece of gear will do a variety of things like increasing your stats or resistances. A piece of gear can have up to 3 perks. 

Additionally, your gear can randomly be made with a gem slot. A gem slot allows you to slot a cut gemstone into your gear for additional bonuses. 

The gear you make also has a rarity, which is based on the number of perks as well as if it has a gem slot. A piece of gear with no perks or gem slots will be common, while a piece of gear with 3 perks and a gem slot will be legendary. When crafting, you can use Azoth to increase your chances for perks and a gem slot. This resource can be gotten from completing quests, or as a drop from certain enemies. 


In New World, you can purchase a home for your player. Then, you can craft furniture to fill your home. While most furniture is purely cosmetic, some items can give you buffs, or provide extra storage for your things. 

Resources and Refining

In order to start crafting, you’ll first have to gather resources in the world of Aeternum. If you want the lowdown on how that works, check out our resource gathering guide!

You may also need to further process and refine certain resources. There are 5 separate skills for refining resources in New World:

  • Smelting, for processing ore into ingots
  • Woodworking, for processing raw wood into timber and lumber 
  • Stonecutting, for turning stone into stone blocks and for processing raw gemstones
  • Leatherworking, for refining rawhide into leather
  • Weaving, for turning fiber into cloth

Selecting these skills in the Trade Skills menu will show you what kind of crafting station you need to use to refine the resources. These crafting stations can be found in the settlements all over Aeturnum. 

Just like when crafting consumables, you have a chance to receive extra units of your refined resource for free. For example, smelting 5 iron ingots and getting 1 extra one without using extra resources. This chance increases with your refining skill. 

Simply approach the correct crafting station and you’ll see what you’re able to refine. Select the number of the item you want to craft, then click “craft.” You may have to pay a fee to refine resources as well as to craft, depending on the settlement you’re in. 

A closer look at each crafting skill

Once you have the required resources ready, it’s time to get crafting. Just like with refining resources, you’ll have to go to specific crafting stations depending on the skill and what you want to craft. Opening up the trade skills tab and selecting each skill will show you what crafting stations it uses. 

When you’re ready to craft, head to the appropriate crafting station with the necessary materials and interact with the crafting station. Just like with refining resources, you can select the number you want to craft. For crafting gear, you can also add Azoth and “special resources,” like medals and charms. These special resources can give your gear specific perks. 

Let’s take a quick look at each different crafting skill.


Armoring is the skill used to create armor. You do this at either a forge or an outfitting station, depending on what kind of armor you’re using. You’ll use metal ingots, cloth, leather, and other materials to make your armor. There are five different categories of armor:

  • Headwear
  • Chestwear
  • Legwear
  • Footwear
  • Gloves

You can have one item of each category equipped at one time. Whether you craft it or find it in the world, armor in New World has three weight categories: light, medium, and heavy. The weight of your armor will combine to give you an equip load. 

If your equip load is light, you do a quick roll that covers lots of distance, and you deal 20% bonus damage. With medium, your dodge is a quick hop, you deal 10% bonus damage, and your crowd control debuffs last 10% longer. If it is heavy your dodge is a slow sidestep, you gain 15% block stability, and your crowd control debuffs last 20% longer.


Weaponsmithing is the skill for creating most melee weapons. This includes longswords, rapiers, war hammers, and great axes. It’s also used to create shields, repair kits, and honing stones. All weaponsmithing is done at a forge. 

Repair kits repair your weapons, tools, and armor. Honing stones increase weapon damage for a short period of time. As your weaponsmithing grows, you gain the ability to make better weapons from better materials, including special legendary weapons that require rare materials.


Engineering is the skill is used to make a variety of different items at workshops and forges. You use this skill to make:

  • Gather tools, like sickles and pickaxes
  • Ranged weapons, like muskets and bows
  • Ammunition, like cartridges and arrows
  • Certain melee weapons, like hatchets and spears

 There are also a few other items you can make with this skill, like repair kits and a couple of potions. For the most part, the weapons and tools are made at the forge, but some items are made at the workshop. This is a highly useful skill due to the wide variety of items you can make with it. 


Jewelcrafting is the skill for creating “trinkets” at outfitting stations. Trinkets are amulets, rings, and earrings, which you can equip to your character for special bonuses. The exact bonuses are random when you create the item. To create trinkets, you’ll need cut gemstones as well as precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum.


Arcana is the skill used to create magical items, like potions, tinctures, coatings, as well as magical weapons like staves and gauntlets. Any item you create with the arcana skill is crafted at an arcane repository. 

Magical weapons are essential if you want to go for a magic-based build. Just like other gear, staves and gauntlets can have perks, and you can craft them with Azoth and special ingredients. Even if you’re not going for a magic-based build, Arcana is a highly useful skill for creating potions and tinctures that can be essential tools for surviving the world of Aeturnum. 


Cooking is the skill used to create processed ingredients (oil, butter, flour), cooked meals, dyes, as well as some fishing bait. All cooking is done in a kitchen.

Food gives you healing over a period of time and gives you a temporary increase to your constitution attribute. They can also give you other buffs, such as increasing other attributes. You’ll often need to craft ingredients like cooking oil or bread to make a recipe.

  Dyes are used to change the color of your clothes and armor. You can apply dyes in New World by select your armor on your equip screen and selecting the “dye” option. Fishing bait, meanwhile, is essential for catching more and better fish, which can also be processed into food and rations.  


Furnishing is the skill to create furniture for your house. Furniture is created at a workshop, using materials like timber and ingots. This skill is also used to create certain crafting materials, such a “stains” you use to make furniture. Although most furniture is purely cosmetic, some can provide bonuses or extra storage.


So, now you know the basics of crafting in New World. But, there’s much more to this games deep and satisfying crafting systems. It’s time for you to log in to New World and explore all its systems have to offer. And, keep an eye out for more guides here at thegamersmind.com. 

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