How Does Weaponsmithing in New World Work?


Hey guys! Weaponsmithing in New World is an essential skill that lets you make incredibly powerful weapons. This skill is used to create most types of melee weapons in the game. So just how does this skill work?

The basics 

To get started weaponsmithing, the first step is to go to the nearest settlement and find the forge there. At the forge, you’ll use metal ingots and various other materials to create a weapon. The weaponsmithing skill is used to create most weapons, including:

  • Swords
  • Rapiers
  • War Hammers
  • Great Axes

The skill is also used to make shields. There are five different tiers of quality a weapon can have, with each tier being stronger to make than the last. Each tier will generally have a different base material (iron, steel, etc.) that’s used to make the item. The tiers are:

  • Tier I – wood and flint weapons
  • Tier II – iron weapons
  • Tier III – steel weapons
  • Tier IV – starmetal weapons
  • Tier V – orichalcum weapons

In New World weaponsmithing, higher tiers of weapons require you to have a higher level to access them. Tier I and II weapons can be made from the start, while Tiers III, IV, and V open up at levels 20, 35, and 50 respectively. 

The forge in every settlement also has a tier. A higher-tier forge is a requirement for higher-tier weaponsmithing. The tier of a forge can be increased by settlement improvement quests. 

All weapons you forge will have a gear score. A higher gear score indicates a more powerful weapon. When you go to make a weapon, you’ll see a range of possible gear scores, and the weapon you make can have any gear score in that range. 

Weapons you make can have perks. These perks do things like increasing your stats or give you higher resistances. A weapon can have up to 3 perks, and each perk increases a weapon’s rarity level. 

Weapons with no perks have a common rarity and appear in grey. Weapons with one perk are uncommon and display as green. 2 perks make a weapon rare, which shows as blue. 3 perks give a weapon an epic rarity level, which is purple.

When you craft a weapon, it can also randomly be created with a gem slot. You can insert cut gemstones into weapons with gem slots to get an extra perk. 

Gathering Materials

Before you can get started with weaponsmithing in New World, you’ll need to gather the proper resources. Some resources will also need to be refined before you can use them. In addition to the metal ores you use, weapons frequently require wood, leather, and other materials. 

Some weapons also require special, rare components. For example, to craft an orichalcum straight sword, you need an “etched handguard.” This item is a rare drop from some humanoid enemies. 

The main item you’ll need to gather is ore. This is mined from ore veins around Aeturnum using the mining skill. Higher quality ores, such as star metal and orichalcum, will require a high mining skill in order to collect them. 

Other raw materials you’ll need to gather include rawhide and wood. These items also need to be refined before you can craft a weapon.

Refining materials

Most resources need to be refined before you can use them for weaponsmithing in New World. Refining is done at various crafting workshops in various settlements. Each different kind of material you refine has a different refining skill associated with it. 

Ore is smelted into ingots at a smelter. You can smelt iron ingots from the start, while steel opens up at smelting level 20, starmetal at smelting level 30, and orichalcum at smelting level 50. Some ingots may require some kind of flux, such as sand flux. 

Animal hides are tanned into leather at a tannery. There are various different types of leather. At the start, you can only make coarse leather, then rugged leather becomes available at leatherworking level 20, layered leather at leatherworking level 35, and infused leather at leatherworking level 50.

Wood is refined in various ways at a woodshop. There are four different kinds of wood: greenwood, aged wood, wyrdwood, and ironwood. At first, you can only refine green wood into timber. You are able to make lumber from aged wood at woodworking level 20, wyrdwood into wyrdwood planks at level 35, and ironwood into ironwood planks at level 50. 

If you can’t or don’t want to gather or refine any of the materials you need you should check out a trading post, which can be found in every settlement. Here, you can buy and sell basically any type of item. So, as long as you have the coin, you can buy the materials you need for crafting.  

Making your weapon

Once you’ve assembled all your materials, it’s time to head to the forge. When you interact with the forge you’ll open up the menu for weaponsmithing in New World. 

Here, you’ll see first the crafting recipes you’ve unlocked. Further down in the list, you can also check out weapons and shields you haven’t unlocked yet. When you select a recipe, you’ll see the items needed to craft it. 

Additionally, you can add special resources and azoth at this stage. Special resources are rare items that can be used to guarantee your weapon has a specific perk. Meanwhile, Azoth is a resource that increases your chances for getting perks or a gem slot on your weapon. 

Special resources can be obtained in a few ways. They can sometimes be gotten while gathering normal resources. You can also get them as drops from enemies or as rewards from quests. 

Azoth is a special resource that you get as a reward from quests. It is also dropped by some enemies, especially enemies that glow blue. In addition to being used for crafting, Azoth can be used for fast traveling and resetting your skills. 

All perks on your weapon are random except for the perks added by special resources. Gems will give you a specific perk, but they cannot be removed once you slot them into a weapon. For a full list of possible perks, you can get from weaponsmithing in New World, check out the database at newworldfans.com.

Tips and tricks for leveling weaponsmithing

Want to level up weaponsmithing in New World? Here are a few tips and tricks for you. 

The first and probably most obvious way to level up weaponsmithing is to make weapons. While larger weapons like great axes give you more experience, they also use more materials. So, crafting smaller weapons like rapiers is more economical. 

Whatever weapon you craft, you should salvage it afterward. Salvaging an item will return you some of the materials you used to make it. This will help you save on some of the material costs for crafting weapons. 

But to really optimize your leveling, you should head to the town board. These locations you find in every settlement can give you quests to forge weapons. This will greatly increase the amount of experience you earn when weaponsmithing in New World. 


So, now you know how weaponsmithing in New World works. What weapons will you forge? Got any tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re looking for more New World tips, why don’t you check out our crafting guide

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