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Rhino prime has finally been re-released from the prime vault in warframe after about a year. Rhino Prime is a strong frame to have in your arsenal as he has strong AOE, A strong armor ability, and a powerful team damage buff. This makes him a great frame for newer players since he has a lot of survivability and still provides good support for his squad. Anyway, in this guide we will be covering where to farm rhino prime relics.

Where to get rhino prime relics

Alright so I’ve seen this question “How can i farm rhino prime?” or “Where can i get rhino prime?” being asked a lot in the community. First off we need to know what relics contain rhino prime pieces and what rarity the pieces are.

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These relics include:

  • Lith B4 (uncommon)
  • Meso N6 (uncommon)
  • Neo R1 (Rare)
  • Axi S3 (common)

These are the only 4 relics that contain parts for rhino prime. These relics are only dropped from missions in the void, Cambrion drift missions, Cetus bounties, Orb Vallis bounties, and The Steel Path Honors.

How to farm Rhino Prime relics

The easiest way to farm for these rhino prime relics is to do a select few missions in the void. The missions that the relics can drop from in the void include:

  • Lith B4 Relic (Ani , Hepit, Stribog, Taranis, Teshub, Tiwaz)
  • Meso N6 Relic (Ani, Stribog, Taranis, Tiwaz, ukko, belenus, oxomoco)
  • Neo R1 Relic (Ani, Aten, Belenus, Marduk, Mithra, Mot, Oxomoco, Ukko)
  • Axi S3 Relic (Aten, Belenus, Marduk, Mithra, Mot)

These are all the missions these relics have a drop chance from.

The easiest way to farm the Meso N6 and Neo R1 is to do the Ukko capture mission. Doing the capture mission is the fastest way as you can do between 2-3 minutes or faster if you use volt or othe frames that buff speed.

For Lith B4 you should run Stribog sabotage as you can do this mission at around 4 minutes.

For Axi S3 you should run Marduk sabotage as you should be able to do this mission at around 4 minutes.

If you dont have the void unlocked in your star chart feel free to ask for a taxi in chat or check out this star chart clearing guide.

In my experience it took me and a friend around 50 or so runs through missions in the void to get all the relics and parts for Rhino Prime.

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