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Hey guys! You might have heard some buzz lately about a little game called Medieval Dynasty. This game is a unique mix of gameplay elements from genres such as survival, simulation, town-builders, and more. It can best be summed up as a “Medieval life sim.” Check out other upcoming new releases like this here!


After about a year in early access, Medieval Dynasty has finally released version 1.0. There’s perhaps never been a better time to check the game out. But just what is Medieval Dynasty like? And what’s new in 1.0?

What Is The Gameplay In Medieval Dynasty Like?

Medieval Dynasty has (as you can probably guess) a Medieval European setting. In the game, you start as a young man fleeing war. From here, you master new skills and build a community, helping create a prosperous village. 


Your standard survival gameplay makes up the bones of Medieval Dynasty. The opening gameplay will definitely seem familiar: gather some sticks, and some rocks, and make an axe. But, soon, the game introduces a twist: using your newly gathered logs, it’s time to build your settlement. 


While many survival games have base-building mechanics, Medieval Dynasty takes things a step further. Just like a real Medieval village, your settlement will grow and become populated by villagers, who can do various tasks. From there, new buildings such as taverns, barns, and more can be added as your settlement grows. 


Another key mechanic in Medieval Dynasty is succession. This is a dynasty after all, and no good dynasty can last for only one generation! So in Medieval Dynasty, one of your key tasks will be wooing a fellow villager to become your spouse. 


This is where the game’s social systems come in. You can raise your reputation with any of your villagers with a quick conversation, and with a little flirting, you can also woo them. Then, it’s as simple as getting settled in with your new spouse and asking for an heir. 


From here, your dynasty can span generations, growing continuously. Make your settlement the most powerful in the land!


What’s New In Medieval Dynasty 1.0?


With their 1.0 release, the devs of Medieval Dynasty have added tons of new content. One of the biggest additions is bandits. These roving gangs of thieves pose a threat to you and your settlement, and you’ll have to take them out to protect yourself and your people. 


These bandit camps will randomly appear on your map, and you’ll have to handle them sooner rather than later. Thankfully, if you want a more low-key experience, bandits can be turned off in the settings. 


The devs have also added a ton of new plants and animals, including badgers and moose on the animal side. On the plant side, they’ve added a number of flowering herbs: chicory, dandelion, daisy, deadly nightshade, henbane, and thistle. These match up nicely with the addition of potions in the game, as well as poison arrows. 


They’ve also added a lot to the NPCs in Medieval Dynasty. For example, you can now make small talk with your villagers, as well as asking them about wild animals to hunt. Plus, NPCs have animations for sitting and taking breaks, as well as reacting to alcohol intoxication. 


There are also some new sounds to enjoy in the game. With the 1.0 patch, you can now enjoy combat music, as well as 2 new music tracks for the day and night, respectively. Plus, new voiceovers for certain characters, and sounds to accompany your punches. 


There’s also lots of new story and quest content. The update adds a new full storyline to the game, alongside a number of other new sidequests. Plus, there’s a new cutscene when you give birth to an heir, giving the important event a little extra fanfare.


Of course, there’s plenty more to round out the 1.0 release, such as new buildings, items, and quality-of-life updates, alongside more nitty-gritty updates like UI improvements and bug fixes. If you want to see it all for yourself, you can buy Medieval Dynasty on Steam, or play it on Game Pass. 


It’s Time To Build Your Dynasty!


This unique medieval life-sim is sure to be a big hit for fans of survival and settlement-builder-type games, as well as anyone who loves a good Medieval European setting. Now, with 1.0 out, the game is really coming into its own. Build your settlement, become rich and powerful, and create a legacy! Be sure to check out 


Have you played Medieval Dynasty yet? Got any hot tips or tricks? Make sure you let us know in the comments! And be sure to keep your eyes on The Gamer’s Mind for all the latest.

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