New world How to get Iron Ore.


Hey guys thanks for coming to check out this article but New world is a brand new MMO that has been in development by amazon games over the past couple of years. It is currently in a closed beta phase but will be fully released on August 31st.

In New World, the game doesn’t really teach you very much about the farming system and where to actually find and collect resources. I’ve seen 100’s of players in general asking where to find Iron Ore, Hemp, Sheep, and many other items in the game in my short time of playing. So I figured I should make some awesome guides that can help you all out with locating some of the resources that New world has to offer.

Where to gather Iron ore in New world?

Location of iron ore in New world

In New World, Iron ore is an important resource especially when you’re just starting off on your journey. It’s used to make Iron tools that increase harvesting speed. It’s also used for crafting armor and weapons and other miscellaneous items. Iron ore also gives large chunks of exp to the mining skill which will help your character progression and allow you to harvest better resources sooner and craft higher-level items.

In New World, Iron ore is located in the Highland biome which can be indicated on the map as a dark brown mountainous terrain. For all my iron ore needs I actually found a spot that has a considerable amount of Iron Ore and it’s located right above Everfall Hamlet in Stone reach. It has at least 20 Iron ore deposits ranging from Large to small. To have the best luck just search mountain ranges since those areas are highland biomes.

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