No Man’s Sky Review 2021


No Man’s Sky has been an ambitious title from the start. With so many promises made by the developer, Hello Games, it should come as no surprise that the game has also been under scrutiny since its initial release. But valiant efforts have been made to make the game better. In recent months, the game has seen a lot of attention, and as such, it merits a new review. For those who are wondering if No Man’s Sky is worth playing in 2021, read on.

No Man’s Sky, for starters, is delightful at the beginning. The vague story does nothing more than introduce you to the world, at which point you can begin to explore, earn money, and buy new ships and even freighters. No Man’s Sky’s procedural world is impressive and fun to play in, and it revolves around space stations. Space stations provide simple missions for you to do and ships to purchase, and means to customize your character. The unfortunate part of No Man’s Sky is that, when playing by yourself, it can become boring and repetitive.

No Mans Sky Multiplayer

Fortunately, however, most of the new content in No Man’s Sky has been about playing with others. Once you reach a certain point in the game’s story, you unlock the ability to play with other people. Playing with friends makes the experience much better. While the game would benefit from a little more content, it cannot be faulted for providing lots to explore. In truth, No Man’s Sky requires a specific type of player. People who like fast-paced games or story-driven adventures will find it hard to adjust to No Man’s Sky. But others, like games with lots to explore and those who like to have adventures with friends, will find that there is a lot to enjoy about No Man’s Sky.

You begin to play alone. The game first introduces you to its mechanics and sets up a simple story. As you play, you start to discover more of the world until you finally unlock the ability to play with others. By accessing a special space station, you can unlock different items and missions and meet other people. For many, this will be the start of more fun in the game. This allows you to build bases and do activities with others and chase items that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Truly Infinite Galaxy

The map of No Man’s Sky is also unique and truly awe-inspiring. Even though every world is procedural, which makes the map a little easier to digest, it is still shocking to see how many places you can travel to. Indeed, there are literally endless possibilities. Each world you can find is completely different from the last, all with unique characteristics, creatures, and landscapes. In the Beyond update, things have become even better. You can carry more in your inventory, for starters, which was a classic problem with the original game. No Man’s Sky also supports virtual reality now, though its success could be debated at length. Hello-Games continue to push the game in the right direction, but there are still a few glaring problems that cannot be ignored.

For example, the great exploring experience is often hindered by the need for natural resources. It starts to get annoying when you have to spend twenty minutes gathering tools on a planet to build fuel for your ship. And that is only the tip of the iceberg, especially when it comes to building bases.

No Mans Sky Review Conclusion

And yet, all things said and done, No Man’s Sky is worth playing simply because it is easy to get invested in. It is easy to decide to explore just one more planet or decide you want another ship or do one more mission for more credits. It’s easy to go exploring with your friends, work for an upgrade on your base, or work to get a frigate. It is not a game that requires a lot of attention or forces you to remember where you left off.

The new update gives it a fresh feeling with better graphics, more missions and items to go after, and more. In truth, No Man’s Sky was far ahead of its time, but with each update, it comes closer and closer to the game that was originally promised while still capturing your imagination and engaging you while you play.

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