Omen Guide Split Defense: How to Climb to Radiant!

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Are you wanting to start playing omen in valorant and looking to learn some of the hidden tips and tricks of the best omen players? You came to the right place than in this guide. I will be going in-depth on playing omen on split defense side. I will show good positions to hold site from, along with great smokes and blinds! Let’s get into it.

This is a long article so I included a table of contents for ease.

Omen Guide: Dark Cover

Omen has the ability of Dark Cover to throw down smokes throughout the map. This is a great ability as it allows you to block off sightlines for the opposing team. He starts the round with 2 clouds of smoke available at no cost with a 15-second smoke timer and a 35-second cooldown timer.

The dark cover enables you to have some pretty interesting setups on defense for split.

A Screens to A-Main Oneway On Split

For this smoke, you want to start in screens and throw your smoke into the left wall. This will cause the smoke to get stuck in the wall at an elevated position, causing a one way to occur. Allowing you to see the opposing team before they see you. Beware though, as if they go to the far right of the smoke, they will see you.

A Ramp to A-Main Oneway On Split

For this smoke, you will want to start on the top of A ramp. You’ll want to throw your smoke at the wall nearest to the turn. This creates a great one way that will delay their team from pushing to the site. As well as allowing you to see, shoot, and kill before they even see you.

Mid Mail to Mid Sewer Oneway On Split

To start, you will want to be standing in mid mail. You’ll want to throw your smoke on top in the middle of the brown crates in mid sewer side. This one way will create a nice advantage if someone decides to peak from sewers.

Mid Ropes to Mid ramen Oneway On Split

You’ll want to position yourself in ropes to start. You’ll then want to throw smoke on top of the right side wall by ramen. The smoke will then stick on top of the wall creating a nice one-way that will block their sight unless they leave ramen and enter mid.

Heaven B to Mail Oneway On Split

This is a really interesting oneway that will almost completely halt a push from mid to B heaven. You’ll want to start by placing your smoke in the upper right corner of the entry door. The smoke will stick, although it can be tricky to get it just right.

Omen Guide: Shrouded Step

Omen has an ability called Shrouded Step that allows short-range teleportation. This is a powerful ability as it allows you to reposition with ease and cross lines of sight without being detected. In this omen guide, I will be showing some shrouded step spots you could use.

Mid to Frog On Split

This teleport is a very aggressive and risky play and will usually only work in lower ranks of the game but can prove to be quite rewarding if pulled off. I myself have gotten triple kills on unexpecting enemies. All you want to do for this is walk down mid and teleport quickly to the frog.

B Site Corner Box On Split

You can use Omens Shroud-step to get to high positions that other characters can’t, such as these boxes. This provides a great vantage point of the site and a great angle on the garage entrance. However, you are vulnerable from a heaven push. If your team calls that they’re pushing heaven, you may want to either rotate through the garage or get back on site.

B site to Newsstand On Split

Using omens shrouded step you can get on top of the news stand. This can provide a good vantage into garage and an unexpected angle on the opposing team. The downside to this spot is that you are very exposed and you have to win the gunfight for this to work.

Shroud step to garage On Split

You can use shroud step in some risky ways at the start of the round, such as teleporting into garage corner on round start. This would enable you to catch the opposing team off guard. This is a very aggressive play as an omen.

Omen Guide: Paranoia

In this omen guide I am also covering the paranoia ability for omen which allows him to hurl a blind toward the enemy. The ability blinds enemies for a short duration and it has a travel time so it can be dodged.

A ramp to A Main On Split

As omen, you will want to position yourself at the top of A ramp to execute this Paranoia. If they start to push through A main, you can use your paranoia down the ramp to blind multiple people.

B Site through Garage

Alright for the final tip in this omen guide, you’ll want to position just behind the news stand and as there pushing through garage. You’ll want to throw Paranoia through the stand into garage.


In conclusion for this omen guide on split defense side, there are a lot of different strategies shown that can turn the tides of your games. Hopefully this omen guide will help you get one step closer to reaching radiant. Thanks for reading, have a great day.

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