Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Neon Dawn Everything we know


The new season for Rainbow six siege: Operation Neon Dawn, is releasing today. This season is introducing a new operator, Aruni. Her gadget is the Surya gate, which produces a laser barricade over walls and windows!

This new season also comes with a rework of the Skyscraper map, with many changes to the map’s layout. Along with quite a few buffs and nerfs to everyone’s characters, but anyway, let us get into a bit more detail.

Aruni’s Loadout

Arunis loadout

Aruni is the newest character to rainbow six siege, releasing Operation Neon Dawn. Aruni is an operator from Thailand and is 42 years old, and her real name is Apha Tawanroong.

Aruni was a profound figure in Bangkok’s police department as she uncovered a large human trafficking ring and stopped at least 4 bomb plots. Her time on the force was brought to an end when she was almost killed during an operation in Bangkok. While recovering, she was met by kali, and kali got her a prosthetic arm. Only then she decided to join her.

Aruni has a great loadout being the first defender to have access to a DMR. This should be interesting to see the spawn peaks with this weapon as it has such a long-range with lethality. She also has access to the P10 Roni, which is a high fire SMG rate for close quarters.

Aruni can punch large holes in walls and destroy barricades with her prosthetic arm.

Surya Gate

Her specialty gadget is the Durya gate. A device that creates a laser barricade across windows, doorways, and wall openings. The device is interesting as it’s indestructible. It has the ability to destroy drones and any equipment that is thrown through the lasers. The laser wall turns off each time a teammate is nearby to allow them to pass by unharmed. However, if the opposing team passes through the barrier, they take 40 damage on contact.

However, each time the laser wall destroys a device, it is temporarily disabled. Allowing people to pass by unharmed, if you wish to reactivate the barrier, you will have to shoot the device when recharged to activate it. The Surya gate is quite a powerful ability as it slows down a push for the opposing team and forces them to use utility before the actual engagement. Great places to put the Surya Gate is in rotation holes since then; it allows your team to use them.

Skyscraper Rework

With the new operation Neon Dawn releasing, they decided to rework the skyscraper, and it really needed it. The video I linked to above covers all of the changes in the map. I have to say I love the new skyscraper’s feel; it makes attacking easier and gives you more options.

Operator buffs and nerfs


  • Jager now has a 10-second cooldown between shots to his ads system
  • Jagers ADS now has infinite charges changed from 2


  • New configurable shot between 2, 4, or 6 pellets.


  • Echo yokai drones are now visible at all times


  • Ash now has 3 breaching rounds instead of previous 2
  • Breaching rounds now only do 50 hp damage instead of previous 90
  • Stun grenades replace with claymore


  • Stun grenade replaced with breaching charge


  • Number of magnets reduced to 4 from 5
  • Magnet explosion removed when device auto destroys
  • Impact grenades replaced with deployable shield


  • Frag grenades are replacing stuns


  • Impact grenades replace deployable shield

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