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If you found this article, your probably wondering what exactly The Medium is? Right? Well, The Medium is what seems to be a new way to experience the Horror genre. The game is in a third-person aspect, and You are playing as a medium to solve puzzles and survive two different worlds, the spirit and the real world. You are constantly trying to survive encounters from the Maw, Something that was born out of great tragedy.

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The medium Playing in both worlds

the medium showing both realities

In the medium, the setting takes place in an abandoned hotel; you are playing both worlds simultaneously as a split-screen mechanic. I think this is a super interesting take on a game as it really hasn’t been done before. You will also have out of body experiences through the game. This feature allows you to go to places or complete objectives that you can’t do with your physical form. Beware, though, it seems the longer you stay disconnected from your body, you run the risk of being lost to the spirit world.

The Maw!

It seems that The maw is what is creating the dark presence that is in the game. The maw was darkness created by deep tragedy, and we don’t quite know what was the cause of the tragedy yet. This does feel quite familiar, though, almost like the silent hill series where reality is flipped at the blink of an eye going into a new realm.


In conclusion, the Medium seems to be a horror game that will bring something new to the table, with a new gameplay aspect by playing two different worlds simultaneously in a split-screen aspect. You will be fighting to uncover the mysteries that surround an abandoned hotel.

Will you survive and find out what the deep darkness is causing this?

Review coming soon!

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