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Hey Guys! ๐Ÿ™‚ Today, I’m going to be writing a very expansive Valheim Guide that will contain a lot of the information that you need to start the game right! For those that may not exactly know what Valheim is, I will explain what the game is about.

Valheim is an open world base-building survival game where you play as a battle-slain warrior, and Valkyries bring your soul to valheim, the 10th Norse world. This world is inhabited by chaos and evil creatures. You travel across the land, slaying all that waits for you to prove yourself to gain access to Valhalla!

So now that we introduced what the game is about and the setting lets get into the guide!

Starting your journey into Valheim

When you create your first world, you will load in on an island towards the center of the extensive map. You will spawn in an area encircled with stones as some spiritual site for the gods. This will act as your respawn point until you make your first home and bed. Also, there will be a small cute little raven that will serve as your guide and help you get started.

Of course, you will want to do the first part of any survival game (punch a tree with your fists). This will allow you to collect wood and collect stones for your first stone axe. Doing this will open up the capability to then craft your workbench, enabling the ability to start constructing a small base.

Constructing your first home in Valheim.

Constructing a home is very important in Valheim as it serves more of a purpose then just storing loot.

Your home serves as a shelter in valheim it protects you from the cold conditions and keeps monsters at bay (when you have fires lit anyway).

To start the construction of your home, you need to have a hammer. The hammer is one of the primary tools you’ll be using as it’s for all construction. With the hammer, you will create a workbench that only costs 10 wood, so it’s cheap. This will allow you to start the construction of your first base. I normally start with a simple 3×3 or something similar.

Creating a 3×3 will give you enough space inside to make your starter crafting stations and some storage while not using a lot of resources.

Gearing up.

Now that you have your small first base you can start collecting some resources and get geared up for whats to come.

The items you should work for is

  • Leather helmet
  • Leather shirt
  • Leather pants
  • Wooden Shield
  • Crude bow
  • Flint spear
  • Flint Axe

I would recommend starting with making the bow, axe, and spear. For the spear and axe you will need to gather some flint which can be found near water sources! They will look like smooth tan/white rocks either in the water or next to the water.

where to find flint in valheim it can be located near any source of water

Once you gather up your 16 flint you can make your spear and axe.

Now, time to make the bow your gonna need to collect leather scraps for the crude bow. The most efficient way to collect leather scraps is by killing the wild boars scattered around the island. Once you gather the 8 leather scrap, construct the bow, and then your off to start killing deer to gather deer hide. Deer hide will allow the crafting of the leather armor set. This will tremendously help you survive your first boss fight!!! Hooray!!

How to kill Eikthyr in Valheim!

Eikthyr is the first boss you will encounter in Valheim. Eikthyr is a large deer with antlers wrapped in chains and arcs of lightning. This powerful stag has the ability to shoot lightning attacks, so be cautious. Since this is your first boss fight, you will really want to prepare with at least

  • Full set of leather armor
  • A shield and flint spear
  • A bow with at least 60 arrows
  • Enough food to keep a high health bar

You should already have most of the gear there, as we already covered making it earlier in the guide. But now that we are geared up, you can look for the Eikthyr symbol on the map and head there. I also need to mention you will need a deer head trophy to summon Eikthyr.

How to kill and find eikthyr in valheim
Thats what the Eikthyr Symbol will look like on the map

Now that your finally to the Eikthyr monument you will want to than place the deer head trophy on your hotbar. You can then proceed to the sacraficial table and sacrafice the head to summon him. Don’t worry if you die he doesn’t despawn or regen health so you can have multiple attempts.

Once you defeated the almighty beast he will drop a trophy item and some hard antlers which allows you to make a pickaxe!

How to find metal and make a Smelter in Valheim!

Now that you have achieved getting your first pickaxe, you can start harvesting copper and tin. You can find copper and tin in the dark forest. The dark forest is where things start to get more dangerous; you will encounter Grey dwarf nests, Giant tree swinging trolls, and skeletons.

Before you start gathering raw metal, you may want to attain a way to refine it into something useful. Right? Well, your gonna need to make a Smelter and a Charcoal kilm to fuel it.

How to make the smelter.

To make a Smelter in Valheim, you will need a particular difficult resource to gather called a Surtling Core. You can only find these in dungeons infested with a horde of skeletons in the dark forest.

This is one type of dungeon you can find, as seen above. A couple of skeletons will usually guard the entrance.

Once you head inside, there can be up to 3 different doorways to go through. Behind every door will lie skeletons. You will want to be cautious as they can kill more easily than you think. As you explore each room, you should eventually come across a glowing red item such as the one in the picture below.

where to find surtling cores in valheim

Those are the surtling cores you need for the Smelter and Kilm. You will need at least 10 cores to construct both, so you may need to explore and loot more than one dungeon.

Once you gather 10, you finally travel back home and make a Smelter and kilm.

How to find Copper and tin in Valheim!

To find copper and tin you will need to venture into the dark forest again with your pickaxe. You will be able to find tin near by water sources while copper can be found in large patches such as this one.

Where to find copper in valheim

Metal ways a lot so be ready to make quite a few trips back and forth well until you make a cart at least.

In conclusion for the Valheim guide

Now that I’ve told you everything you could possibly know to get a great start in Valheim I’m gonna end this guide with updates in the future to be more in-depth about the later stages of the game. But have a great day guys thanks for reading! ๐Ÿ™‚

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