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Volcanoids just recently released a new combat update on January 19th. Those of you who might not be totally sure what volcanoids is its a survival base building game. It’s set on an island with a menacing robotic species set to destroy everything and a volcano that erupts more often than not. If you want to read more about the game, check out this awesome review of the game. Click Here.

Combat update additions

Volcanoids just got a complete rework of combat and a bunch of new items such as

  • New guns
  • New Gear
  • New Enemies
  • 5 New Turrets

As I just stated, they reworked combat mechanics in the game. They added the ability to aim down sights, making combat feel a lot smoother, and recoil, making the combat feel more realistic.

They added bullet drop and spread to the weapons.

Hit indicators and kill confirms.

Actual projectiles, which is a huge change for the game since before it was hit, caused the AI to be aimbots, which made it quite challenging and unrealistic.

New Equipment

The developers added a smg with a rate of fire

Picture of SMG

A sniper for those long range engagements

Picture of Sniper

Have you been sick of constantly having to use medkits throughout the fight? Well, now they’ve added 3 new armor sets with volcanoids combat update to protect yourself during long engagements better.

There is a now an old school defibrillator to revive downed teammates.

New Turrets

There is a total of 5 new amazing turrets that they have added to the game. These turrets really spice up your base’s defensive capabilities as it ranges from a shotgun to the powerful mortar turret.

A list of turrets they added are 2 tier 1 turrets the SMG and Shotgun turrets.

new base turrets smg and shotgun added recently in volcanoids combat update

To continue along with the Mortar Turret, Gatling Turret, and Sniper turret.

new base turrets mortar gatling and sniper added recently in volcanoids combat update

New Cogs

The developers now added new cogs (the robots) to make the game more difficult. They carry different weaponry such as a shotgun, SMG, Sniper, and Gatling gun. Cogs have the ability to switch between weapons in combat to react to the situation therein. Also, they will position themselves better.

Volcanoids is a great game that is available for purchase on steam

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