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Today’s article is taking a special look at a game in early access on steam called Volcanoids! Volcanoids are a new take on the survival experience as you live on an island with the ever-present danger of a volcano erupting.

Volcanoids unique base construction

Mobile mining base

Instead of your normal base-building like most other survival games. This one differs by having a mobile mining base, which you build and add to throughout the game. The idea of the mobile drill base is to protect yourself from volcanic eruptions.

You can actually pilot the machine underground to locate new sites on the surface to park your base while gathering resources. There are also underground tunnels and caves that you can access! Which makes the game more immersive while making sense. If there weren’t these additions, I would be thinking to myself, “you’re in a mining machine. Why can’t I go explore some caves.”

While your underground you also have the ability to find small ore patches that you can collect while moving around the area.

Volcanoids – Mechanical Menace

In Volcanoids, you have something more destructive than the volcanic eruptions to worry about…

The mechanical menace is a robotic species that use the volcano as an energy source. They invaded your homeland and started to disturb the volcano resulting in eruptions happening very often.

These mechanical beings dwell on the surface and in the caves beneath. They will take every chance they get to try to catch you off guard and attack your vessel, Your Home.

As your progress through the game, you can build defensive turrets for your base. This will repel their attacks, but they will get stronger and start attacking in larger numbers as the game progresses. They recently just did a major rework of the combat in the newest combat update.

Volcanoids game performance

Volcanoids runs very smoothly; after playing the game for about 4-5 hours, I didn’t run into any bugs or glitches in the game so far. I don’t have large frame drops at any point as well. The game overall is very well optimized.

As long as your system meets the recommended system requirements, the game should run great!


Volcanoids is a fantastic game for being early access and being developed by a small team. The gameplay is smooth with no bugs. The combat is fun and enjoyable. I love the atmosphere that the game sets for you and the story they establish. Overall this is a fantastic game and you should definitely go check out this game if your looking for a new survival title.

This game is available for purchase on steam. If your interested in how the game is being developed and where there heading here is a roadmap for the game. If you are interested in more content such as this check out this article July 2021 Indie survival Round up.

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