Warframe Arbitrations – What are they?


In warframe, there is a lot to do after you complete the star chart some might even say you haven’t even started the actual game yet. One of the things you can do is the steel path, an incredibly beefed-up version of the original star chart where the minimum level of enemies is 101. Another option is for you to start doing arbitrations which are high-level Endless objective missions.

Once you unlock the steel path star chart you will gain access to the arbitrations.

Arbitration missions

In Warframe Arbitrations are high-level missions only available once completing the star chart and unlocking the steel path. There are special rules to follow in arbitrations, such as you need to use a rank 30 frame. Once a player has lost all health they die instantly and can only be revived with 5 resurgence tokens dropped from Arbitration shield drones. Also to encourage diversity in frame and weapon choices the devs decided to give the player a 300% damage boost to a random frame and weapon each alert. This is random for every player so one player may get an Octavia prime and an arca plasmor while one will get a Mag and a lato. You should use this large bonus to your advantage when it’s available to you, however, you shouldn’t force it if it’s a gun that isn’t modded correctly or you haven’t leveled. This might cause you do less damage overall.

The missions will appear in your alert window tab and will change nodes on an hourly basis. Selecting a random mission from the list below.

The missions included in arbitrations:

  • Defense
  • Survival
  • Excavation
  • Defection
  • Infested Salavge
  • Interception
  • Disruption

All of the endless missions in arbitrations have a new ruleset as well:

Defense: The defense objective is a Hexis Operative NPC, this operative has a set of telos akbolto and will follow a chosen player but you cannot give the NPC a weapon. There is now a 2-second interval between waves and the mission is failed if the operative dies.

between waves there is now a 2 second interval

Survival: Life support capsules only give 75% of the usual life support. This isn’t a big challenge as you should be killing everything and getting enough life support capsules from that.

Excavation: Excavation time is increased from 100 to 180 seconds and takes two excavations for one round of rewards. I feel this is probably the most difficult arbitration as the mining drills can be destroyed easily. However, with the right team of warframes, you can do these excavations with ease.

Defection: Rescue targets can no longer be revived.

Infested Salvage: Consoles have 15x their normal health but cant regenerate health.

Interception: Enemy towers fill twice as fast.

Disruption: The Demolisher beeping range is halved and won’t be revealed until 15m away instead of 30m.

I believe the most challenging of these missions is the defection and the excavation just as the missions go on longer excavation especially becomes tremendously more difficult. For these types of missions, you should bring warframes that have protective bubbles such as Frost and Gara. Along with some high damage and aoe frames.

Arbitration drones

Arbitration drones are small shield-like ospreys that make any enemy connected to them invulnerable to warframe abilities and exalted weapons.

These small drones are also immune to abilities so you will have to shot them with your primary weapon of choice. Whenever the drones are killed they explode in a large blast radius dealing massive damage to any enemy in the nearby area of the drone.

Rewards from Arbitrations

Now, this is why we truly want to do these arbitrations, The rewards. The items you can get from completing rounds in arbitrations range from 900 – 1500 endo, many varieties of Ayatan sculptures, Vitus essence, arcanes, mods, and aura formas. The arcanes are probably the best rewards you can get and a relatively easy way to farm some of the cheaper arcanes. This is probably one of the best ways to farm endo as you can have a high chance to get at least 1000 endo per round.

Vitus Essence

For each completion of a round you gain 1 vitus essence. Arbitration drones also have a chance to drop vitus essence when killed and you have a chance to get extra when completing the round. You use vitus essence to buy items from the arbitrations vendor in the arbiters of hexis room. The Rewards you can buy from the arbitrations vendor is a version of mods called galvanized mods which are better versions of there predecessors. There are 9 galvanized mods some of which are

  • Galvanized Acceleration
  • Galvanized Aptitude
  • Galvanized Chamber
  • Galvanized Crosshairs
  • Galvanized Diffusion
  • Galvanized Hell
  • Galvanized Savvy
  • Galvanized Scope
  • Galvanized Shot

These mods involve have a kill stacking effect such as Galvanized Scope which is a variant of argon scope that gives + 120% crit chance on headshot and then an additional 40% crit chance on headshot kill that can stack to 5x and last 12 seconds.

Back to what else is included in the shop. You can also buy Ayatan sculptures, riven mods, some cosmetics, kiva, and some other aura mods.

In conclusion

In conclusion, the arbitrations are a fantastic addition to warframe and help add additional endgame content for many veteran players and for people to look forward to next in there long journey into warframe.

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