Warframe How to Farm plastids!


Warframe How to Farm plastids!

In Warframe there are a variety of different materials. One of these is Plastids. Which are a disgusting nanite-infested tissue mass that serves as a polymer plastic to build weapons and frames.

Plastids can be a fairly rare resource to come by as it comes more as a mid-game material with Plastids only appearing on 4 planets being:

  • Phobos
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
  • Eris

Plastids are a rarer resource in the game but they can be easily attained with the right place to farm and a good sqaud of farming frames.

Warframe – Where can I farm Plastids?

As I already said above plastids can only be found on 4 planets in the solar system. However to get the most out of your time spent plastid farming I would recommened you go to Uranus, Neptune, or Eris. Phobos has plastids listed as a rarer drop chance then the other 3 planets.

3. Zeugma Survival – Phobos

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This Is a good spot to farm plastids if your just starting off on your journey in Warframe as its fast to gain access to phobos early on in the star chart. However its not a great spot to farm compared to the later planets.

2. Assur Survival – Uranus

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The assur survival on uranus which is a dark sector that gives more higher resource drop rates with 25% extra drop chance for all resources is a huge bonus. Especially when farming plastids. A 25% drop chance rate is higher than most other dark sectors so it makes an ideal mission.

This survival mission serves as a great plastid farm but also serves a secondary purpose as a polymer farm as well.

With Dark sector missions you will be fighting Infested enemies types which can prove to be easier than some of the counterpart factions in warframe. You’ll need to be cautious of toxin damage that can bypass shields.

1. Zabala Survival – Eris

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One of the best but most difficult places to farm plastids is on the Zabala Dark sector on Eris.

This Survival mission gives a huge 30% resource drop chance being one of the best dark sectors. However the level of enemies here is 35-45 which is almost as high as they come before steel path. You’ll want to bring a full squad and a fully leveled weapon and frame.

Since its a dark sector you will be fighting infested here.

The enemies will scale fast and you will need to be extra cautious of toxin damage as it will do more damage the higher enemies are scaled.

Plastid farming strategy

Now you know the missions to play to get the most plastids out of your time. Now you will need a strategy and team to play along with to farm.

The team of frames that would be most viable would be:

(I linked to builds on each of the following links)

This is an ideal version of a farming squad for plastids or any resource as matter effect.

The trinity will be the energy generation for the squad to make sure everyone will have full energy at all times.

The nekros has an ability called desecrate which dissolves corpses/limbs of enemies into more loot drops which then is more plastids! Horray!

Speed nova will speed up enemies letting them run to you and get killed faster allowing more enemies to spawn in.

Hydroid has an augment called pilfering swarm which will make his 4 ability make enemies drop loot when killed by the tentacles he spawns.

All you gotta do is pick out your favorite weapon modded out and go on a killing spree to farm all the plastids you’ll ever need!

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