Warframe Relic Farming Guide


Warframe Relic farming guide

Relic farming in Warframe is one of the most important activities you will come across in-game. According to the lore, Relics are ancient artifacts containing Orokin secrets, also known as Primes. Primes are the most powerful weapons in the universe and all weapons and warframes have a normal variant and a prime variant.


The Prime variant has slightly better stat lines compared to that of their normal counterparts. Each void relic contains six different items, where the first three items are common, followed by two uncommon and one rare. Relics also contain forma, an important but rare ingredient required in crafting things and adding new polarities to your mod slots.

What is relic farming?

Relic farming comprises two parts. Firstly, you will have to farm the relics by doing specific missions that drop them as rewards. Secondly, you will have to open these relics by running missions within the void.

What are the different types of relics in Warframe?

There are four types of relics available in Warframe:


  1. Lith
  2. Meso
  3. Neo
  4. Axi


Among them Lith relics are the most of all rewards and are easiest to farm, followed by Meso, Neo, and Axi. Axi relics are the rarest and houses the most expensive prime parts in the market because they are hard to get.


So if you want to make platinum, get hold of a few Axi relics, refine them for higher drop chances, and start farming. These parts are always in demand, especially whenever new primes are launched or old primes are unvaulted.

Where to farm void relics?

Void relic farming depends on what type you’re interested in. Lith relics require the least effort while Axi is the hardest. You can piggyback off high-level players but even then you must be able to somewhat hold your ground. Here is a list of the best relic farming nodes:

Lith Relics

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  1. Best places to farm(solo)- Capture mission on Hepit. It takes like two-three minutes to run the mission, better if you use a speed warframe such as Gauss or Volt.


  1. Best places to farm(squad)- Defense mission on Hyf. A good squad can efficiently run through 20-30 waves in no time. Take Equinox/Saryn and Speed nova to spam kill enemies. You can also take Frost if your team is planning for longer runs.


  1. Drop chances- 75% for Lith, 12.5% for every other relic on rotation A.

Meso Relics

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  1. Best places to farm(solo)- Capture mission on Void and Ukko. Takes 3-4 mins, maybe sooner with faster warframes. There is a 50% chance of dropping both Meso and Neo.


  1. Best places to farm(squad)- Defence mission IO on Jupiter. Superfast Meso relic farming thanks to the small tileset. Recommended warframes are Ember, Banshee, and Equinox. You can also consider Frost if you plan on doing only the first two waves and then leave.


  1. Drop chances- 85.74% for Meso, 14.29% for every other relic on rotation A.

Neo Relics

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  1. Best places to farm(solo)- Capture mission on Void and Ukko. 50% chance of dropping both Meso and Neo.


  1. Best places to farm(squad)- Infested Salvage mission on Oestrus. Also, the Disruption mission on Apollo is as fast as Oestrus and has a 100% drop rate for Neo relics. However, Interception on Xini offers the most value since you can farm Neo on rotation A and Axi relics on rotation B and C.


Oestrus is also a great opportunity to farm for Nidus parts. Although, with the prime version of him now available, the regular warframe may not seem appealing. But you should still farm it for the mastery points.


  1. Drop chances- 70% for Neo, 10% for every other relic on rotation A. Drops might also include mods on rare occasions.

Axi Relics

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  1. Best places to farm(solo)- Sabotage on Marduk is ideal. It is not as fast as other solo missions, but there is a 50% of Axi drops. It’s recommended that for Axi relics you stick to Xini, even if you have to solo it (which is possible with the right build).


  1. Best places to farm(squad)- Interception on Xini is the best for farming Axi relics. Although you have to wait till rotation B and C, it’s way better and far less grindy compared to other modes of Axi relic farming.


Any kind of AOE warframe does a pretty good job such as Speed Nova, Ember, Saryn, or even Nidus with an Ignis. You can even use Frost for defense since the infested can get quite clingy.


  1. Drop chances- 50% for Axi, 50% for Meso (Marduk), 100% for Axi on Rotation B and C (Xini).

How to open void relics?

You can only open a relic during Void Fissures. They appear randomly all over the map and are different from Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi. This means you cannot open a Meso relic in a Lith Void Fissure mission. Here are the steps on how to open a relic:

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  1. Open the star chart, click on the Fissure icon.


  1. Choose the mission based on which relic you want to open.


  1. A relic box appears when you click on the mission. Enter the relic you want to open.


  1. While doing the mission you will need to collect 10 reactants to open the relic. You will receive 6-30 void traces after collecting the 10th reactant.

How to refine relics?

Refining decreases the drop chances of common items and increases the drop chances for rarer items. To refine a relic, simply chose one from your relic collection and refine it accordingly. You can only do this only ONCE so be careful of the ones you pick. Here is a chart explaining the whole thing:

post image
How to open void relics in void refinery
Refine stage Common items Uncommon items Rare items Refine cost

(Void traces)

Intact 76% (25.3% each) 22% (11% each) 2% 0
Exceptional 70% (23.3% each) 26% (13% each) 4% 25
Flawless 60% (20% each) 34% (17% each) 6% 50
Radiant 50% (16.6% each) 40% (20% each) 10% 100

Solo vs Team relic opening

It is advised that you open relics in a squad rather than solo. This significantly increases your chances of getting better rewards compared to when you are farming solo, where you get a random item from the relic.


However, when you’re farming in a full squad, you get to pick a reward from the entire group. For instance, after collecting the 10th reactant, the reward window pops up showing what each player has unblocked from their relics. You may not get the item you were expecting, but someone else might. You can pick their item as a reward.


Opening relics in a full squad increases your odds of obtaining a specific item from a mere 14% to 40%.

Parting thoughts

Although relic farming can seem a bit tedious at times, it’s one of the most consistent ways to earn plat in the game. Hopefully, this guide helps you with everything you need to know to get started.


Don’t worry about researching too much. Start playing the game and in time you’ll learn everything there is to farming relics. Good luck and have fun!

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