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Warframe – Sisters of Parvos Update


Warframe has become massively popular since its initial release in 2013. The game, a third-person combat shooter, has been bringing players new content for years. A notable game across consoles, Steam, and Twitch, Warframe has caught the attention of many over the past eight years. Its the newest addition, an update called ‘The Sister’s of Parvos’ was just released on July 6th, and has brought a new set of quests, weapons, and experiences to players. To learn more about the new update and its impact on the game, read on! This update is all the more reason to start playing warframe in 2021!

New Warframe Yareli

The new update adds in a new Warframe, Yareli. She has her own issues, which definitely need to be addressed by the developers; or, at the very least, I believe that changes should be made. Before we examine her statistics, however, we should first talk about the additions to the game in terms of quests and playable content. The main feature of the Sisters of Parvos lies in its storyline, which centers around Parvos and the Corpus Corporation. Corpus, the second enemy faction met by gamers, clearly plays a big role in this addition. It is revealed that Parvos has created deadly sisters armed with weapons and Sister’s Hounds which can be encountered within Corpus Lich System (which itself is accessed by playing a few other important quest lines). To gain access to Yareli’s quest you will need access to the K-drive on from Fortuna, check out this star chart clearing guide to get to Fortuna as quickly as possible!

The new playable content is solid. Warframe has been producing entertaining new storylines since its release. Not many original players, however, will hail this addition as the best. Still, it isn’t a failure and can be fun, especially with its comic book quests, which are simple to engage in and involve attempting to best other players. Yes, the playable content is solid. It’s Yareli that’s been a failure.

There have been times in the past where new Warframes have not been on par with the rest of the playable heroes. Xaku, for example, was released in a state many could consider almost unplayable. And, in all honesty, Yareli is not far behind. Indeed, she has a lot of problems that need to be addressed. Please do not misunderstand me; I do not object to the concept of Yareli, nor do I think that she is incapable of being improved. It is simply clear to me that she was created more for style and the players than she was for actual playability and the progression of the game.

Yareli abilities

For starters, her Merulina ability to ride a sea creature throughout the game is cumbersome at the very best. Yareli is, unfortunately, a weak character. Though the ability gives her a slight buff, it isn’t enough to stop her from being relatively useless. That isn’t the worst part about the ability, though. It is far too easy to get stuck on one of the many small objects or dismount in the close-quarters and literally glitch out of the map.

In addition to that, Yareli just can’t seem to do enough damage. Another of her powers allows her to create little bubbles which will pop and damage multiple enemies. It isn’t a strong enough ability, especially when there aren’t enough large groups of combatants in the game world. She also feels slow and disjointed, in my opinion, when she isn’t using Merulina. All in all, there will need to be some serious changes made. Based upon the game’s history, I have no doubt that this will eventually come to pass. We can only hope that Yareli’s changes will come sooner rather than later.


At the end of the day, fans of Warframe will get some fun out of this addition to the game, but nothing inspiring. It isn’t impactful enough to be a great update, nor bad enough to ruin the gameplay. It just is as it is. Likewise, I don’t anticipate it will draw new players or create any sort of intense rise in the player base. Indeed, Warframe has a steady and consistent number of gamers every month, sitting at just about 60,000 to 70,000 people. These people, among them the fans who have been invested since 2013, will not be exuberant about this new release.

We can, however, look forward to the future of the game. Nobody can deny that Warframe has done a great job as listening to its players, and I am sure they will soon be fixing ‘issues’ with the new update and Yareli’s gameplay. It is unrealistic to ever hope that a game, or any form of content, will be perfect. It is realistic, though, to ask that content creators be aware of their responsibility to listen to those who absorb their content. In Warframe, there is a sure community of players and developers that work consistently to make the game as great as it can possibly be. For that reason, I am optimistic about changes to the newest add-on and excited about future additions to the game.

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