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Jumping straight in, the star chart is a vast collection of planets and other points of interest that you can travel to while playing the game. You can enjoy the game without completing the star chart, but you’ll end up missing out on the main story. The start chart also helps with farming XP, credits, and other resources required to craft other warframes and weapons.

So, you’ll need to complete the star chart if you want to access the endgame content, and there is a lot of it. Some veterans comment that the game only begins when you finish the stat chart, and they are not wrong. It gives you access to the real endgame content. Wherein lies the true essence of warframe. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


The very first thing about Warframe star chart clearing is junctions. There are 14 different planets in Warframe, of which three contain a dedicated open world environment. Before you jump from one planet to another, you’ll need to unlock it by visiting the Junctions.

Junctions are like paths that connect one planet to another. In order to gain access to the next planet, you’ll have to complete a series of missions like collecting a certain number of mods or killing specific enemies.

Once you’ve completed all the required missions, you can travel to a junction where you’ll face an enemy Warframe. They are supposed to be guarding the junction, and the path to the next planet will open once you defeat them.

The missions get more challenging, and the enemies get tougher as you progress further into the star chart. You don’t need to play every single node on a planet in order to open junctions. It will take nearly about 100 hours if you plan to complete every node, but only 50 hours if you make a beeline for the junctions.

Important Paths along the Way

Some planets on the start chart are more critical than others. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  1. Credit Farming

There are two locations in the Warframe star chart where players go to farm credits(another currency in Warframe), Ceres and Neptune. Ceres is close by, while Neptune is a bit farther off.

Credit farming is most efficient on Neptune when you finally gain access to the Index. The Index is a sort of sports arena where you bet a certain amount of credits and faces an onslaught of enemies. Survive the clock, and you make back double the amount. Otherwise, you lose your share.

However, beginners have to run extraction missions on Ceres which give 20k credits plus change. Survive till wave 5, then rinse and repeat. The Index is far more efficient and gives upwards of 100k credits. You also have the option to hitchhike with some high-level players, but they must have a proper build to support you in the higher levels.

Pro tip: Gear for an M prime nova build. It’s easier to put together and requires no major contribution on your part other than spamming your ultimate ability every once in a while.

  1. The Difficulty Spike

For the most part, you’ll be able to cheese through the star chart without much of a problem. However, things start to get a bit difficult when you hit Saturn. that’s when the enemies start scaling.

By now, you should have a decent idea about modding and how to prepare for elemental damage, which is a crucial part of your damage kit. Certain enemies are weak to particular damage types. Like the Corpus, who are defenseless against Viral damage. Modding weapons and warframe for elemental damage almost become second nature when you get the hang of the game.

Saturn is where you’ll need to concentrate a bit on elemental damage as it will make your runs go much smoother.

Also, the Seimeni node on Saturn is excellent for XP farming. You can max out frames and weapons in only a couple of waves.

  1. Derelict Farming

Derelict farming changed in the Heart of Deimos update. Previously you needed a derelict key to access the Derelict. Now, however, it’s been made a part of the new open-world Deimos. Players usually went to the Derelict to farm corrupted mods. While playing the game, you must have come across the term “Corrupted Mods.” Unlike regular mods, corrupted mods boost one stat at the cost of another, like the mod, Fleeting Expertise, which increases efficiency by 60% but drops the duration of abilities by 60%. You might be asking, why would anyone want to use this mod?

Well, many warframe abilities don’t have duration-based abilities like Frost’s Ice Globe. Once cast, it remains until attacks deplete the globe’s health. The ability isn’t affected by duration, so making it more efficient allows you to cast more globes simultaneously. These special mods create specific warframe builds, such as Cast Iron Rhino or Ice Globe frost. You’ll get the hang of it after paying a few games.

  1. The Steel Path

In a recent update, Warframe Introduced The Steel Path. It’s a difficulty modifier for the Origin System. Basically, you’ll have to play the start chart all over again, starting from the earth. However, this time all enemies are boosted by 100 levels. So if the enemy level on earth were 10, you’d face level 110 enemies in Steel Path.

Clearing each mission now grants Steel Essence that you can buy prestige items such as costumes, decorations, emotes, and mastery. It’s mainly geared towards endgame players who like to push themselves to the limits.

You’ll need to have full-fledged builds, powerful weapons, and even a few Rivens to help disable enough damage. Once you unlock the steel path you gain the ability to do arbitrations which are high-level alert missions!

Where to go from here?

Completing the star chart is only the first step. The game has tons of hours of content that you can enjoy at your leisure. The star chart competing is your ticket to the good stuff. Where you go from there is entirely up to you. GoodLuck! Check out this awesome rhino prime guide.

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